For many of us getting a designer bag seems impossible, particularly when you’ve got bills(priorities!). But once in a while, there’s no shame in treating yourself, just as long as you don’t destroy your bank balance. So here are a few tips on how to get a designer bag for less…

TK Maxx

TK Maxx is probably the first stop on the hunt for a good discounted designer bags. However, it is perhaps better to limit your search to the online site, primarily because everything is a lot more visually accessible than trawling through their stock in a store.


With Thrifting you have to be incredibly patient, and also go to the right locations (i.e. go to charity shops in areas where rich people dwell), we guarantee there may be some hidden gems.


Pre-loved (bags have had a previous owner). There is no harm in getting a second-hand bag. In some cases, it makes more sense, especially with classic Chanel bags which hold value, so if you get bored of it you can sell it on and potentially even make some profit.
Our picks for the best places to find pre-loved handbags are:

  • Ebay
  • Designer Exchange
  • Vestiaire Collective – This site is great because it has reviews and you can ask the seller questions before buying. Also, the site ensures that the bags are authenticated before selling. Vestiaire Collective has a team of designer goods experts – so you can be sure that your goods are real!


Finally, look out for those sales! You may have your eyes on a bag, but it might be worth waiting a few weeks till the store has a sale. Here are some sales you should check out:

  • Selfridges – general reductions on a variety of Bags

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