5 Ways To Make More Money



Depop is essentially a cross between eBay and Instagram. It has the feel of a social media platform but your personal page is your shop.

Once you have followers and the right tags, your stuff will sell out so easily if it’s in decent condition.

It’s easy to use, simple layout and honest reviews. Try it out.

2. Agency/Temp Work

Try temping, there are several agencies that have temping services where you can do front of house , hospitality, and even legal work depending on your skill set. If you have free time or a  flexible schedule, this is a great idea! An added bonus is that there isn’t a lot of personal commitment on your side.

One extra shift on a weekend could bring about an extra £80 to your pocket – no fuss, no commitment.

We have listed a few agencies below:


Do you speak another language? Or are you skilled in any academic topic? There are many tutoring programs through companies. Or be brave and do it independently!

Checkout Tutorful if you would like to become an independent tutor.


Upwork.com is a website targeted directly to freelancers. Upwork links you with clients(people in need of your services). You set the rate of pay and so you can essentially earn what you feel your services are worth.  So if you have a speciality, like marketing, you can provide your services to anyone around the world.

5.Blogging, Instagram and YouTube

As most blog lovers know, people are building full fledge careers from blogging and YouTube. So why can’t you?! Not only is it fun, it is incredibly lucrative and it opens the door to so many possibilities.  All you need is a phone and some ideas and you can create some pretty good content that in time could end up being monetized and make you some extra coin!



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