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The overexposure of other peoples success can sometimes bring upon insecurities. These days it seems like people are reaching the peak of their careers so fast and so early. As a young person, this can be disheartening if you haven’t quite reached that point.

This is even more heightened when there are sites like LinkedIn that only highlight people’s career successes. There is no denying that it is beautiful to witness everyone’s advancement but this can honestly take a tole, to the point where I just have to log off and not return to the site.  But the reason for this post is just to remind everyone that every journey is different. Below are a few positive tips or words of encouragement:

  • STAY IN YOUR LANE: The first thing to remember is that everyone has their own journey in life. Stay in your own lane.
  • FIND BEAUTY IN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES: If you’re unemployed find beauty in the fact that whilst your resources (like money) are limited, you can spend the day doing what you want. You haven’t got a manager lingering over you and you aren’t chained to your desk for 10 hours.
  • THINGS CAN CHANGE OVERNIGHT: Your lucky break may just be around the corner.
  • STUDY THE THINGS YOU WANT: Make a mind map of all the things you want to achieve but don’t put a time limit on it. My favourite director is Ava Duvorney only who only picked up a camera at age 30!
  • KEEP FOLLOWING  YOUR TRUE PASSIONS (if you can): Let’s be realistic people have bills to pay, but if your young and talented, don’t deny yourself of what you truly love. Do what doesn’t feel like work, where you are challenged because it benefits you and only you.

Thanks for reading!7c5da-xoxo

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