We have officially reached halfway through the year. YAY! How about we celebrate this milestone by decluttering our lives. Let’s create and cultivate habits that will enhance the quality of our lives!

Meditate: First place to begin is with your mind. The mind is so powerful, in order for it to function at it best, we need focus. If we have too much going on and we may start to lose focus of what purpose we have.


woman meditating on rock near body of water
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Meditation helps with mindfulness. What is mindfulness? According to the NHS, this is “paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing.”

What are the benefits? Studies have proven that meditation can be a key component in decreasing stress levels. Also its free, you can do it in any quiet space and it only takes 10-15 mins out of your day.

Check out for more info.

Make more lists: By nature, some people are super organised list makers, whilst others are not. But this is perhaps a habit we all need to develop. As simple as it sounds, making a record of everything you need to do for the day can keep you on track and stop your mind from being cluttered. It always helps to have a visual representation of what needs to be achieved.

Make a monthly budget sheet: Money is another aspect of life which is very hard to organise and keep on top off, especially in the UK where most people just use contactless cards or Apple Pay to pay for just about anything.

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How do we keep on top of our spending? If you are computer savvy use make a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Microsoft also has tons of pre-made spreadsheets, CLICK HERE.  Alternatively,  check with your bank provider as they may have a spending tracker that provides alters to your phone. In the UK, If you’re with Halifax they have the Halifax Balance Extra, which is essentially a budget tracker.

Don’t procrastinate, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: When we’re too comfortable, we tend to procrastinate, so why not leave a comfortable environment and do your work elsewhere, like the library or when it’s nice outside go to the park. There is no doubt that you’ll be a lot more focused when there aren’t any distractions like a tv or food that stop you from completing all your work.

Throwing things out regularly: Don’t wait years to throw out things, do it weekly. Get rid of all the things you do not need. This could make you feel more in control and organised. For more info check out our article on minimalism.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hello! Like you…we are currently in week #3 of a de-cultter, organize series to get lighter by the fall. So many small areas we can all work on to make work and school days so much smoother. Not decorating but making our homes the Perfect LBD for us!


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