When renting there are often limitations on how much you can make your mark on the property. However, there are a few little touches that could really help you to make a rented house a home. In this post, we will be focusing specifically on walls.


How to make a house a home


  • Wall Collages – Understandably, most landlords want to keep the walls damage-free, however, you can still hang pictures but just use command strips. They are double sided strips which can be used to hold wall art without creating damage to the wall. We recommend using the command strips to create a wall collage. You can find a variety of frames at Desenio and just stick in personal photos or you can buy pre-made collections here.
  • Wallpaper Panels – DIY wall panels are just starting to become really popular. It’s super simple.  Find some cool wallpaper inexpensive wallpaper print (we recommend Amazon). Next, stick the wallpaper some nice frames of your choice. Then lay them across the wall standing (depending on how large the panel is) or hang them up with command strips.  We found this great and simple youtube tutorial for further guidance.
  • Wall  Stickers –  These are great,  they add tons of character. And you can change them whenever you want, as they’re super inexpensive. We recommend checking out wayfair as they have a variety of fun wall art.

Thanks for reading!


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