So, I stumbled upon this mini-film on social media (Instagram) and its link to mental health. The film is amazing! It’s short but incredibly thought-provoking.  The actress doesn’t even need to speak but her actions are expressive enough to perfectly convey the message. From what I’ve gathered the film tries to demonstrate how people can get caught up in social media by trying to create a perception of their life that is perfect enough to share with other people.

Instagram is nothing but a highlight reel. It is not based on reality, a lot of the content posted is pre-emptive, planned and rehearsed. For everyone who does use Instagram (which is pretty much everyone) do not compare yourself to anyone else on there and also don’t feel like you need to present yourself in a certain manner for validation.

Make memories to share with your closest family and friends, share your photos with your nearest and dearest, or print them out and put them on your wall, or make it your mobile phone lock screen.

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